protopsalti2I was born in Alexandria, Egypt of Greek parents. We lived there until I was seven and briefly on the banks of the Suez. My father originated from Attalia, Asia Minor and my mother from the island of Chios.
My childhood was extremely happy and I remember it fondly. The warm evenings in Alexandria, the walks I took with my grandfather, the smell of the sea, the sunsets, the rustling of the palm trees along the beach, the fishermen with their rods, the tram, the special sweets I loved, the car rides to the Sahara… The little shop with the colored windows across the road which made falafel and hot pies. This was what specifically awakened my childhood memories recently and I recalled the neighborhood of the first years of my life. Our house is no longer there, having been replaced by a multi-storey building, the Court House of Alexandria.
I mostly remember my naughtiness from my mother’s descriptions, and according to her I was a holy terror! Next to our house on the Suez was a wall, with a wooden staircase, high and straight which my mother desperately begged me not to climb. Naturally, whenever I heard the word “don’t” I did the complete opposite! Once, I climbed to the top of the ladder and fell into a rubbish bin. The result was that I had to be bathed in petrol!!! I was indefatigable and refused to eat, so my family devised the following trick: they made a snake from cloth and wore it on their arms, like a puppet, moving it in front of the window to frighten me into eating …One day however, my aunt forgot her thimble on her finger and so I discovered the… conspiracy.
I attended the “Averofio” school, which was very famous in Alexandria but unfortunately now has only a few students. I visited it recently and was immediately filled with memories. The schoolyard, the mast where the Greek flag waved, the playing field where we held our sports days, the taps which were too high for me to drink from. The same caretaker is still there after so many years. He searched through the old school records and found mine: Alkistis Sevasti Atikiuzel, daughter of Stavros and Maria. I loved the name my mother had chosen for me, mainly for her radical decision to go against family tradition. My grandmother demanded I be given the name Sevasti as a second name because he couldn’t accept the Ancient Greek name of Alkistis.
My father was a dental surgeon and my mother a teacher. They were both very strict but simultaneously very affectionate. Being an only child, I was adored a fact I regularly took advantage of. As far as I can remember, my relationship with my father was excellent and he never refused me anything. He would often take me to the cinema and I would make him watch the film over and over again. I still love watching adventure, historical and science fiction films.
At the beginning of the 60’s my parents decided to leave Egypt, due to the political events of the time, and fortunately move to Greece. Most of our other relatives spread to the other countries. So traumatic was this uprooting that I remember it to this day. I especially remember my parents’ distress and the customs official who took away my doll, breaking her head searching for valuables. I have never played with dolls since. I loved playing football with the boys, and subsequently became involved with athletics. I ran the 100metres and 400metres hurdles at Panionios and later played volleyball with the team of Milonas, Nea Smyrni. Athletics was in my blood.
Our first house in Athens was in Ymittos. A quaint neighborhood lined with eucalyptus and jasmine trees and an open air cinema, the Havana. My father worked as a scientific associate in a large German company. My mother stayed home to bring me up. After a time, we moved to Kallithea where I attended the 6th elementary school. We then moved to Nea Smyrni where I attended the Evangeliki High School. Magical years. Everything was in order, school, athletics, friends, school trips. All this, until pressure and accumulated worry caused my father to suffer a fatal stroke. This life experience matured me abruptly…
On graduating high school, I was sure that I would become involved in athletics on a professional level, until the moment a friend of mine urged me to sing. My first audition was for Dimos Moutsis. Everything started with him.


Despite my mother’s tempestuous objections, my first record was a fact: TETRALOGIA with poetry by Kavafis, Seferis, Ritsos and Kariotakis and music by Dimos Moutsis. This talented composer was my great teacher and artistic godfather, since it was he who baptized me Protopsalti.
I first appeared with him at the “Studio Lydra” club in a program which he himself had supervised. With him also, my first – unforgettable experience at a concert at the Palais des Sports in Thessaloniki. Due to stage fright my voice had completely gone until my first song. The initial reviews stated…”Dimos Moutsis’ singer Alkistis Protopsalti suffered tremendous stage fright at the concert in Thessaloniki, without this affecting her interpretation, said the audience who remembered that Bithikotsis had experienced the same stage fright at his concert at the Kentriko…(Apogevmatini 18.9.74).
1975. I was initiated into the world of performing in a little theatre called “Pappa” located on Sina Street where I first appeared with the unforgettable Nikos Xilouris, Mariza Koch and Thanassis Gaifilias.
My next album was ERGATIKI SIMFONIA also composed by Dimos Moutsis from the theatrical play I APERGIA by G. Skourtis. My first contact with Elias Andriopoulos: CYCLOS SEFERI in which Nikos Xilouris also participated. I was charmed by the sensitivity of this composer. It was the beginning of our friendship and long collaboration which resulted in the album GRAMMATA STO MAKRIGIANNI KAI ALLA LAIKA together with Antonis Kalogiannis and lyrics by Manos Eleftheriou and Michalis Bourboulis. Countless concerts all over Greece followed and the song THA SE XANAVRO STOUS BAKSEDES became my first great success. Together we appeared in Sweden and Denmark.
Some time later, Dionyssis Savopoulos suggested I participate in his double album REZERVA as well as appear with him that winter in Plaka. It was an extremely profitable experience. We sang, danced and enjoyed the adventures of “Karagiozis” with Spatharis, who also participated in the program. I frequently helped Spatharis by playing the role of “Kolitiri”.
Summer of ’77, the Smaroula Theatre, the revue EFIMEREVOMEN by Bost and Mourselas, starring Thimios Karakatsanis, Smaroula Yiouli, Mary Chronopoulou, George Mihalakopoulos, Nikos Kapios, George Moschidis and Yianis Bezos. In this revue I sing three songs by Vasilis Dimitriou. I remember them all with great affection. That same year, I collaborate with Stavros Xarchakos in a series of concerts held at the Aliki Theatre.
EXODOS KINDINOU, Yiannis Spanos. Yiannis’ magic fingers and intense sensuality paved my way to singing love songs. We worked at his house in Eretria and the concerts which ensued brought us even closer together. We spent a whole winter together at the “Kyttaro” club in Ipeirou Street. It was the embarkation on a journey which was to carve my future course. The title song was also my first collaboration with Lina Nikolakopoulou.
The next record was the realization of a dream: to sing the words of a poet I admired and who excited me, whose words spoke to my soul. Odyseas Elitis. PROSANATOLISMOI with music composed by Elias Andriopoulos. This work, together with GRAMMATA STO MAKRYGIANNI and LAIKA PROASTIA were performed at the Herod Atticus Theatre in 1994 with the ERT Symphony Orchestra and the choir of Antonis Kondogiannis. This was one of the most significant and emotional moments of my entire career. The theatre was filled to capacity, the moon was full and there was I interpreting the poetry of Odyseas Elitis. The culmination of any artist’s dreams. Fortunately this night was televised and recorded.
In 1985 I collaborate for the first time with Stamatis Kraounakis whom I had known since my schooldays, which event neither of us remembered!!! Only during the course of our collaboration did we piece together various reminiscences and so discovered who we were and our common background! Since then we have become attached by a totally sincere friendship which the difficulties of life and art has made even stronger and has lasted until the present.
prwtopsalth_kykloforw_frontaThis album KYKLOFORO KAI OPLOFORO is the first complete collaboration with Lina Nikolakopoulou and the starting point of many performances which I consider to have left their mark. Lina’s Lyrics greatly moved me and the way in which she interpreted emotions was an arrow which pierced my heart and soul. As I said then, this album KYKLOFORO KAI OPLOFORO has songs which can be listened to on a walkman, for rainy or sunny Sunday mornings, for ideologists who listen to the radio, for amateur lovers…It was born of a lament…
The first presentation of these songs was in Thessaloniki, at the ZOOM club. It was there that I first worked with Yannis Parios.


A year later LEOFOROS A’. In our quest for a new way of presenting Greek songs, the first musical performance in Greece is born. A program which was created with Stamatis Kraounakis, Lina Nikolakopoulou and directed by Andreas Voutsinas. The sets and costumes were designed by Manolis Pandelidakis. As Stamatis said “It is a scenario with songs for three specific voices, their three angels and three rotating chairs”. Alkistis Protopsalti, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Costas Ganotis. The presentation of the songs on stage is expressed in a completely different manner.
The songs intertwine and become one. The team grows. Andreas Voutsinas and Manolis Pandelidakis collaborate with us constantly for the following nine years…. Creative years which are indelibly carved in our memories in golden letters. Andreas was a great teacher to me. His experience, his guidance and his love were invaluable factors. Manolis Pandelidakis was also significant inasmuch as he dressed our dreams with his sets.
In the summer of 1986, we go on tour around Greece with Dimitra Galani whom I had admired since I was at school, not only for her voice but also for her sensitivity. This time together was sufficient for us to become closer and for two superb songs to be born: KAI EIMASTE AKOMA ZONTANOI and DIKAIOMA which was the title of the album released later with lyrics by Lina Nikolakopoulou.
My relationship with Lina was not only professional. There existed between us a deep, strong friendship with all the advantages and disadvantages which this entails. Our conflicting natures were the cause of many disagreements between us, but through these something profitable was always born. Esteem, admiration and love are emotions that last through time. The majority of the songs I have interpreted LEOFOROS B’.
To the original cast in this second production – which was also presented in Thessaloniki for seven months – the actor Christos Storgioglou and the singer Nikos Galatis were added.
My next album was a significant milestone on my musical journey. It was summer and a friend of mine, Costas Cotoulas, suggested that I see Emil Kusturitsa’s film “THE TIME OF THE GYPSIES” mainly to hear Goran Bregovic’s songs and music. It was love at first sight. The experiences we lived through with the gypsies are unforgettable. Their unconventional way of life, their inconsistency, their nonexistent professionalism all faded as soon as they entered the studio.
Their passion, energy and talent not only flooded the recording studio but also our hearts. Goran Bregovic is charismatic. So is Lina Nikolakopoulou whose lyrics achieved the absolute in expression. Aristidis Moschos playing the sandouri in his orchestra perfectly blended the Greek and the Gypsy souls. Sealing this collaboration Moschos gave me the song SAGAPO GIATI EISAI ORAIA which he had written many years ago for the sole companion of his life, Mrs. Angelika.
The musical performance at ZOOM in 1991-92 was the culmination of this adventure. As well as our usual contributors, Costas Ganotis was with us again, together with Costas Makedonas, Nikos Zoukas and Vasilis Moshonas. The “gypsy” performance played for two years – not only in Athens – but the whole of Greece and Cyprus.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-02-36-11In 1993 we were looking for a new venue in order to present our new work ANTHROPON ERGA, music by Stamatis Kraounakis and lyrics by Lina. The Gazi district immediately attracted us. Complete darkness prevailed on the small street called Ierofanton which we decided to illuminate with dreams. Our fellow traveler was theatrical businessman Ilias Marasoulis who converted a repair shop into an entertainment venue. We named it Gazi after the whole area. This venue was starting point for the further development of the district. ATHROPON ERGA: A show presented by the original “five member group” surrounded by the wonderful forest which was the set created by Manolis Pandelidakis. Costas Makedonas, Christos Stergioglou, Sofia Christou, Dimitris Basis also appeared, as well atmosphere on stage as well as backstage was incredible. The six months went by like a minute. This performance was presented at the City Center Theatre in New York and as always throughout Greece and Cyprus. The song TA PIO ORAIA LAIKA was danced to with great passion.
A second year at GAZI with the show called TA PAIDIA TIS PEIRAIOS: The great popular singer Litsa Diamandi also participates this time. This was a surprise collaboration and what impressed me most was her complete dedication to what we were doing and her total obedience to director Andreas Voutsinas’ suggestions. Her unrivalled humor and child – like manner are unforgettable. This same production moved to a new theatre in Thessaloniki, called FIX. At that time, all the members of the cast participated in a record by Stamatis and Lina called OTAN ERHONTAI OI FILOI MOU. This is the first time that seven simultaneous video clips were recorded from the same album by the talented director Nikos Soulis who is also a friend. With this invaluable colleague we collaborate regularly up to this day. His video clips transferred “the picture” of the words and music accurately and with sensitivity. Most of these clips have been recorded as short films…


In 1996 at RODON, where Stelios Dionyssiou made his first appearance, two songs from my forthcoming album IFAISTIO were heard. TO MORO and DITHESIO upon which Manolis Pandelidakis’ sets were based.
The following year, a new album SAN IFAISTIO POU XIPNA. It was the first time I had worked with the composer Nikos Antypas and as always with lyrics by Lina. It was an extremely expensive production by Greek standards. Traveling back and forth from Athens to Paris and Prague in order to achieve a final result which would absolutely satisfy us. The Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague under the direction of Mario Clemens also participated in this album. The mixing and editing took place in Paris at the PLUS XXX and DYAM studios.
Now the scene changes entirely. Lina’s idea to collaborate with the direction of the dance group OMADA EDAFOUS, Dimitris Papaioannou, led us to the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus for two years. This production was literally unique. It was the most difficult thing I had done up to then, because, beyond other qualifications it required a faultless physical condition. I trained for at least two to three hours daily, I went to the theatre a couple of hours before the performance in order to do limbering up exercises so as to execute Papaioannou’s directions with absolute precision. Antypas’ musical talent blended perfectly with Lina’s Lyrics as did Lily Pesanou’s sets and Andreas Bellis’ lighting only to be completed through Dimitris’ exquisite choreography.
This show was my own production which surpassed 200 performances. My fellow traveler along the way was treasured friend and associate, Tonia Dragouni, production director of all my shows both inside and outside Greece. Her perseverance and dedication has led us beyond our frontiers. She passionately believes that Greek music can prove itself anywhere in the world in spite of the language being unknown. As Tonia characteristically states, “It is enough just for the voice, the soul and the body to express themselves”. We subsequently visited Portugal, Spain, England, Israel and Cyprus. The epilogue to this presentation was the IFAISTIO minimal. It was an idea of ours to take it abroad accompanied only by a classical guitar – played by master guitarist Vangelis Boudounis. These recitals were uniquely presented. Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Darmstadt, Hamburg. The only sets being the stained glass in the churches, the crucifix and the stands full of lighted candles… An amazing experience!
The way has now opened to the other countries and as a result I have the opportunity of continually taking Greek song and its soul anywhere in the world in a manner I have always dreamed of. Numerous journeys, countless experiences, spiritual satisfaction chiefly by the acceptance of the audience who, without understanding the language become one with the music.
While traveling, once again to Spain, Israel, London, my next album IDROGEIES SFAIRES was prepared. A child born of the same at DIOGENIS STUDIO in a program set up by myself and Stamatis and directed by Dimitris Papaioanou. We called the show MIA VRADIA SAN PARAMYTHI: We met on stage again after the passage of some time. The talented Nikos Touliatos’ percussion group “ICHODRASI” was also with us. We presented this show at the Radio City in Thessaloniki. Summer 2001. A recital for voice and percussion. We traveled not only through the whole of Greece and Cyprus which we visited three times, but also to Israel, Spain and even to faraway Cuba! Two concerts in two fantastic theatres. The picture of the audience in Havana and Mantanzas will remain with me forever. Everyone was standing – regardless of age – dancing in complete synchronization to the rhythms of Greek song! I felt truly proud!
In the summer of 2001 and in between concerts, I received a proposal to participate in Mario Reyes’, of Gypsy Kings fame, personal album. We presented the songs “Ya Habibi” and “Da Mala” live at the Jazz Festival which took place at the Diogenes Studio.Last summer, a unique recital was added to my artistic career. It took place at one of the most beautiful ancient sites of Athens, the Roman Agora. January 2002. The appearance at the Music Hall of Athens titled “TA PARAMYTHIA MIAS FONIS”: A collection of my favorite songs accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of Prague and with the participation of my contemporary orchestra and the Fons Musicalis choir under the direction of Francesic Preisler and orchestrations by Costas Papadoukas. It was the first time that I interpreted foreign songs, mainly from well known musicals and international cinema. English, Spanish and Corsican.
Summer 2003. Concerts all over Greece singing together with my old friend Kostas Ganotis with whom we sang his song “Ta karavania” at the Athens Concert Hall last year.
Next winter I had a very special cooperation with the successful singer Antonis Remos. His good character and his humor were unique.I will not forget this six months . This successful programme will.. travel to Thessaloniki for 40 days and then at the USA .
The same winter my new cd “Pes mou thalassa” was born and became platinum within few months. In this cd old and also some young contributors gave me the best they had in their heart !
This winter I decided to make a few concerts out of our borders , like in Russia. Always the concerts away from my country were for me a big challenge. Maybe the biggest one.
After 20 hours at Universal Music I decided to change record company and go to Heaven. This is where the LIVE cd with the Prague Symphonic Orchestra was released from the Athens Concert Hall. “Ta paramithia mias fonis” soon became gold.
This was truly very satisfying for me, during a difficult era for the Greek record industry.
This was the reason for “Paramithia” to travel to the Palace Theatre of London with the Oxford Symphonic Orchestra, to Cyprus with the Kremlin Presidential Symphonic Orchestra and to Thessalonica.
This collaboration was the reason for one more dream to become reality. A recital with the same orchestra at the Moscow Opera and the Kremlin Choir.
It was amazing to hear a Russian choir sing in Greek!
Summer 2004. One of the most creative ones in my career. I toured around Greece, I recorded my latest album, I rehearsed with Dimitra Galani for our winter show, I participated in the torch-race over the Rio-Antirio bridge. Carrying the Olympic Flame was a unique experience that moved me deeply. I was literally feeling like flying over the ground. The day after, the inauguration of this beautiful bridge took place and I was happy to participate in this event as well.
Athens 2004. The Ending Ceremony of the Olympic Games. After working hard at Aspropyrgos and feeling the greatness of universal volunteerism the time of the ending ceremony arrives. A unique moment that very few artists in the world have the opportunity to live. I will never forget the stadium, packed with people, that participated in the ceremony, and with colourful balloons. I will keep forever the congratulating e-mails that I received from all over the world. They really moved me…
October 2004. Me and Dimitra Galani at the VOX, like two rock hearts. Our longlasting friendship is obvious, creating unique, explosive nights. One can easily see that we enjoy what we do very much.
At the same time my new cd “To see you smile”, that was mastered in New York, is out. This cd accumulates many different styles and very sentimental songs. I am very greatful. I will never forget their passion, their devotion and their musicality. This cd achieved gold status only a few days after its release.
After a wonderful 2006 summer tour, a calm winter followed, with lots of pleasant work, in order for me to collect fresh material for my next cd. Discovering new songs is quite similar to a miner’s digging… thank God, there are brand new diamonds out there! New associates, composers and song-writers came along and after almost two years of creative ideas, suggestions and thoughts, my new album was completed.
However, I was at the same time concerned about the way and the venue these new songs would be presented to the public…
May, 2007. One of the few shows that took place then and which I will always remember with great pride and excitement, was the recital I gave in Beijing, at the Forbidden City, during the celebrations for the 35th anniversary of the Greek-Chinese friendship, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the presence of the Minister Mrs. Dora Bakoyianni. The fact that the Chinese audience actively participated in their own rhythmic way to the Greek songs, has been one of the most unforgettable moments of my entire career. The culmination of that evening was when, at the first encore, I sang a traditional song in Chinese, and all the spectators rose up and begun singing with me. They were all so excited and their applause so loud and prolonged, that… I was obliged to start from the beginning…
And so we arrive at the summer of 2007, when everything suddenly clears up. One of the songs gives rise to the title ‘At the best point’ (‘Sto oraiotero simio’), while at the same time I realize I would like to present these new songs in two traditional venues, the Mylos in Thessaloniki and ‘Zygos’ in Athens – which I truly consider the best ‘stages’ in each city.
Three amazing singers join me in ‘Trifono’: Nikos Kouroupakis, Erofilli and Dimitris Ifantis. Also, the talented young composer and singer Yiannis Christodoulopoulos, who participates in the cd with four songs. We also have with us, Apostolina Mae, from the group ‘AMMOS’ doing a friendly participation, and, of course, a fantastic orchestra, full of energy and passion, directed by the composer, conductor and stage manager George Boussounis of ‘AMMOS’, with whom I’ve been cooperating for many years and many of whose songs I’ve performed.

cd_protopsalti_03bThe cd ‘At the best point’ went platinum in no time. I consider this a real achievement in these times when record piracy flourishes. The award ceremony took place – modestly – in Metropolis, by the Athens Mayor, Mr. Nikitas Kaklamanis. During the same event, the mayor announced the decision of the Athens Municipality to plant trees in Elaionas, at the centre of Athens, which I in turn decided to support, by offering a part of my income from the rights of this cd.
During summertime of 2008, we made a big live tour all over Greece titled “sto oreotero simeio”. Giannis Christodoulopoulos, a young and particularly talented composer and singer, also participated on the tour.
In the fall of 2008 my first big collector’s edition was released under the title
“KI EIMASTE AKOMA ZONTANOI, Alkistis Protopsalti. 30 years of discography”, a deluxe package with 4 cd’s and one dvd – a rich photographic material in a book in which was condensed my artistic life. It was also released in simple format of 3 cd’s.
Me and my producer Tonia Dragouni, who was also the executive producer of the album, worked a lot of months on this edition, with the helpful collaboration of Myrto Magkrioti, our close partner, who fulfilled with the better way the whole art work. This was a unique proposal for that kind of project.
This winter I decided to do something completely different. It was a calm decision in a chill out moment against all conventional ideas. I made a collaboration proposal for “one piano –one voice” to my friend Stefanos Korkolis which one I admire for his talent, and Gazarte was selected as an exceptional for the case space, at Gazi area downtown. I wanted it to be small, to give out sentiment, to create a very familiar atmosphere and finally I wanted a place that I could express myself in a different way, frugally, simply, clearly without “les emballages”.
This collaboration before it even begins in Athens travelled in Cyprus – with a line of concerts – and then in London, at Gadogan Hall.
After a lot of years this summertime (2009) I decided to make company only with the gulls, to travel in the smallest and long distant islands of the Aegean sea that they are always in my heart because my soul finally needs sea fresh air…
Frankfurt, D&#252sseldorf, Stuttgart, Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich.
Afterwards Esmeralda’s song in the movie NOTRE DAME de PARIS, Disney came back to me with a second proposal to lent my voice in a cartoon movie. The role this time was the malice step-mother Gkothel (which I made all her dialogues) in the much known fairy tale of RAPOUNZEL. This role excited me “pretty” much! Gkothel stole Rapounzel and her magic potion of eternal youth and kept her jailed in a castle. It was fascinating and very particular to ‘wear’ the words precisely on the cartoons and put the precise sentiment in the plot of the story. It was really unusual to hear and see another creature with my voice unfolding all the sentiments such as sensitivity, mischief, malice, vanity, tenderness, passion, pain, affection, desperation and love. It was a very special musical adventure and I would try it again with no hesitation.
In the meantime, the inception of a new collaboration with the tenor Mario Fragkouli took place which blossomed into the ‘Meeting at Palace’ concert series.
Our ‘story’ with Marios begins in 2004 during the first voluntary concert that took place for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. An extraordinary experience, an amazing collaboration, a promise that we would meet again 7 years later.
During spring 2010, we started talking about our potential collaboration and in no time we caught ourselves dreaming of the songs, picturing the stage…priceless memories. We mentally travelled the world and back again, searching for songs from musicals, operas, comedies. I had no doubt in my mind that with Marios’ outstanding voice by my side, this would turn into magic!
When considering who would direct the show, one name only popped into my mind Giannis Kakleas. Creative, calm, opinionated, bold with a theatrical approach to everything, who better to embark on this journey with.
Lina and Stamatis, two friend-collaborators who have written my most precious songs, would undoubtedly have to be a part of this. Lina, discrete, talented with a unique mind and with exceptional lyrics. Stamatis, a constant companion of mine for the past 40 years, provided the mesmerizing melodies
Manolis Pantelidakis could not be excluded from this either. He has been by my side since my first ever stage directed concert ‘ Leoforos A’ with Andreas Voutsinas, he brings to the table amazing ideas, stage crafts, and the solutions to every problem.
Kuriakos Kosmidis was the silent force, the surprise. An exceptional choreographer with a very sensitive side. He taught us all the steps, he choreographed our every move, he showed us how to meaningfully communicate using our bodies while one stage.
George Tellos was the mastermind behind the lighting and Kostas Papadoukas produced all the songs and guided the musicians effortlessly.
Zaharias Stamoulos, responsible for the sound of my voice in theatres, stadiums, in the biggest, smallest, craziest venues. Passionate about crystal clear sound, he pays attention to the slightest details.
Murto Magkrioti, the stepping stone and rock of the production.
Tonia Dragouni, my producer for 17 years. Always by my side, always creative, always the buffer, serious, to the point and extremely valuable.
I would like to thank the theatre ‘Palace’ for staging these concerts which I would like to dedicate in the loving memory of my great mentor Andreas Voutsinas.
Music is the essence of my soul and life, it is the language of God and once you learn it you discover a new world that goes beyond logic
The 40 concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki (Megaro mousikis) were so well received by the audience that we decided to embark on a small tour across Greece, bringing this production to as many cities as possible.
May 2011 LIVE transmission from Athens to France ‘one piano- one voice’ for the French radio programme ‘France Culture’. The CD Gazarte LIVE is released, the best moments from the 2 year collaboration with Stefanos are recorded and released under the title’ One piano- one voice’. The LIVE CD form the ‘Meeting at Palace’ concert series will follow immediately after
Athens 2011 Special Olympics, I participated at this big world athletic fact in the opening ceremony singing with the known Italian tenor Vittorio Grigollo the homonym song. I participated also at the closing ceremony, while at the same time I prepared the summer concerts in and out of borders, with Stefanos Korkolis and also with Marios Frangkoulis.